“I had the pleasure of working with Joy valentine who is undeniably an expert when it comes to her profession. Joy knows how to uncover your deepest blocks. She really helped me work through issues to resolve them and move through them so that I could move forward with my life. I have never experienced these kinds of major shifts with any other therapist or coach. it was always just talking to guarantee the next visit. Sometimes it’s the honesty we are too afraid to hear that we really need, and I know that Joy is one of those rare professionals who will tell it like it is and that was refreshing. I am happy that I took the chance to work with her and I have definitely highly recommended her services!”
Jennifer T., Palo Alto, CA

Hi Joy!

I just had to share with you some great stuff that has been happening lately. 😊

I know this is a result of all of the work I did with you last year. I think the big thing is that I’m getting recognition now because I’m showing up differently. I have more respect for myself. I feel way more confident and at ease. And I am attracting like crazy! It’s awesome!!!

I really feel like a different person!!

I wanted to share and say thank you for all the work you have done with me and your amazing talent. My friend …… asked for your info so you may be hearing from her. Hope you are doing fantastic!

With abundant gratitude!

Lara L., Sacramento, CA

“Joy helped me to become super-clear on the #1 obstacle hindering my progress in life and business: my concern for what other people might think. I’d long been aware of this as an important issue, but the way Joy took me through this examination again in greater depth, drawing upon her own unique skills and experience and insight, made me come to terms with it in a new way. I have since made strides that I doubt I could have taken as rapidly without the fresh awareness that Joy facilitated in me. It’s hard to defeat an enemy you cannot clearly identify—so thanks, Joy, for helping me to sight my target and blast it out of my way!”
Karlita R., Bellevue, WA

“ Working with Joy Valentine has been truly life-changing for me…

Before I started working with her I had gone through a variety of therapists and coaches to help me overcome some difficult life situations and a never-ending list of limiting beliefs about what is possible for me and my life with minimal results.
Through our work together and Joy’s intuitive and caring ability to know exactly what I needed during each session, I can honestly say I feel like a completely changed and empowered woman who is confident about the direction my life and brand new business is heading for.

I have NEVER experienced such huge shifts in such a short amount of time and am forever grateful for Joy and the incredible processes she led me through.”

Kari S., OTR/L, CHHC, Minneapolis, MN

“During my very first session, Joy Valentine helped me to see how my thought patterns and fears had led me to this point in my life. She quickly assessed my current issues and connected those directly to my daily thought processes. I had thought I had moved past those hurdles when actually, I had walked around them in more of a circle. I am grateful she has given me this time and offered the freedom/clarity to realize healing my life is within my reach. Grateful :)”

Deanie S, Boston, MA

“My first coaching session with Joy surprised me because we hit a major roadblock of mine within the first ten minutes! I had some counseling a few years back and had dealt with some big issues but not until now have I clearly seen what the major issue that was holding me back from my greatest potential. I’m so grateful to Joy and very proud of myself! She has helped give me the best gift I can give myself, which is clarity, peace and love. 

Thank you Joy!”     

Evangeline M., San Jose, CA