Working Together

Whether you choose individual counseling or group counseling, in working with me, you will get a crystal-clear understanding of where your blocks are, where they came from and how to clear them. 

You will learn how to see them in a new light, and they will disappear as you reframe and reinterpret them.  Much of our suffering comes not from the outside, but from the inside, from our interpretation of the event or situation, from the story we tell ourselves and others.  And when we believe every negative thing we think, we suffer.

As you progress through the counseling, you will have an increased sense of empowerment and control in your life, more compassion for yourself and others and a freedom and peace that can be sustained at increasingly higher levels, even though it will fluctuate.


Individual Counseling

You will achieve the results described above, but at a faster rate than group counseling, or by participating in a one-off webinar.  It is more intense, and therefore more effective and experienced sooner.

  Change does not happen overnight, and the counseling process is one of unlearning what no longer serves you and replacing it with what does.

I typically work with clients for four to six months on a weekly basis.  This focused work is not meant to be indefinite, although clients sometimes  want to continue for a longer period of time or come back for another round when they are ready to tackle a new or deeper issue. 

There can be no better investment in your life than the one you make in yourself, and no one can ever take that from you! 

Group Counseling

A maximum of twelve clients meet in a virtual group on Zoom. Each one, as they wish, has an opportunity to discuss their challenges in front of the group, and all participants are given an opportunity to provide constructive feedback, support, and any other helpful, relevant information.
As you might imagine, not everyone has something they want to discuss each time, but everyone benefits from the ones who speak. It provides a very safe place to realize you are not alone, to support others as you are being supported, and to learn new ways of seeing yourself. There is much comraderie and rapport that develops in the group.

Webinars and Workshops

I offer these from time to time and may increase their frequency in the future. Please visit  ( to see updates.

Complimentary Strategy Sessions

I offer a  thirty-minute complimentary session to see if we are a good fit.

Please call (949) 438-0576 or email me to schedule your session.

All counseling sessions are conducted over video conference calls which can be recorded and downloaded for your future reference.

For an initial consultation and information about fees please contact me.