Complimentary Strategy Sessions

In order to understand your needs and expectations and to determine if we are a good fit, I provide a thirty-minute strategy session. At the very least, you will leave with a crystal clear understanding of the problem, its true origin, what’s been blocking the solution and a plan for resolving it.

Individual Counseling

We meet for approximately an hour, usually weekly, on Skype, Zoom, or regular telephone as we discuss your particular challenge and how to handle it. It is completely confidential; you are safe to be yourself, let down your guard, and explore your true feelings, maybe for the first time, in the knowledge that you are not being judged, accused, or criticized in any way.

Laser Counseling

This is a version of individual coaching, is extremely focused and lasts only thirty minutes. It is offered an unlimited number of times for a period of one year, providing certain conditions are met.

Group Counseling

A maximum of twelve clients meet in a virtual group on Zoom. Each one, as they wish, has an opportunity to discuss their challenges in front of the group, and all participants are given an opportunity to provide constructive feedback, support, and any other helpful, relevant information.
As you might imagine, not everyone has something they want to discuss each time, but everyone benefits from the ones who speak. It provides a very safe place to realize you are not alone, to support others as you are being supported, and to learn new ways of seeing yourself. There is much comraderie and rapport that develops in the group.

Webinars and Workshops

I offer these from time to time and may increase their frequency in the future.

Speaking Engagements and Podcasts

I am available for these as they come up, depending on the time and circumstances.

Couples Counseling

Family Counseling

All counseling sessions are conducted over video conference calls which can be recorded and downloaded for your future reference.

For an initial consultation and information about fees please contact me.