Real Estate Brokers & Agents

As most people know, the world of real estate selling and buying, whether you are representing yourself or another, is a very fast-moving world, fraught with a great deal of tension, often high stakes, high egos, high competition and many surprises. Add to that the complexity of contracts, regulatory agencies and other factors that are beyond the control of the agent, frequently not clearly understood, and you have the perfect environment for an enormous amount of stress.

The typical real estate agent or broker is frequently called upon to perform in ways beyond their training and experience, beyond their role. Human beings are complicated and multi-faceted, and their experiences and needs do not remain in discreet compartments. They spill over into other areas which then require both agent and client to behave in ways that are often beyond their interests and abilities. The result is frequently anger, frustration, anxiety, a sense of powerlessness, jealousy, feelings of failure and much else, all of which undermine their ability to stay balanced and relaxed and remember what is truly most important in their lives.

Having a real estate broker’s license and having worked for some time in that environment, I know what it feels like. I know the pressures, the deadlines, the sense of powerlessness. I have lived it, and I know the toll it takes if you do not get replenished, get a new perspective and remember who you are and your real priorities.

If you do not learn how to deal with it, you find yourself in a joy-less, stressed, unfulfilled, and empty place, devoid of love, connection, and true meaning.

I can help you with all of those issues. I can show you how to step back, to get the perspective, the clarity and the balance, to have more peace, less angst, and more FUN !